Illustration: The Great Acceleration, 1750–2000.  Adapted from the Smithsonian.

Essay series in collaboration with e-flux Architecture

Over the next year, OAT and the online arts journal ​e-flux Architecture is presenting a series of essays within the context of the OAT 2019 theme, the architecture of degrowth.

The series is titled “Overgrowth”, and will explore the challenge of growth-based cities and test bold alternatives for the architecture of a new cultural economy. What can architecture be when buildings are no longer instruments of financial accumulation? What kinds of spaces are built for cultivation, rather than extraction? What materials and technologies will be used when we can no longer afford value engineering? How will the architect of tomorrow will play a meaningful civic role in the creation of new building types, urban morphologies, social habits, and cultural practices? How will cities be formed when it is human and ecological flourishing that matter most?

“Overgrowth” is featuring contributions by Ingerid Helsing Almaas, Peter Buchanan, Ana Maria Durán Calisto, Aileen Aseron Espíritu, Catharina Gabrielsson, Indy Johar, Ateya Khorakiwala, Penny Koutrolikou, Helena Mattsson, Joar Nango, Edgar Pieterse, David Pinder, Anna Puigjaner, Matthias Schuler, Territorial Agency, Anja Thierfelder, Angelos Varvarousis, and more. The first batch of essays was discussed in a Nordic workshop in Oslo on 7th February 2019.

Find the e-flux essay series here.
23 October 2018: Angelos Varvarousis og Penny Koutrolikou, "Degrowth and the City"
25 October 2018: Helena Mattson og Catharina Gabrielson, "Pockets and Folds"
27 October 2018: Peter Buchanan, "Reweaving Webs of Relationships"
21 November 2018: Ingerid Helsing Almaas, "No app for that"
23 November 2018: Edgar Pieterse, "Incorporation and Expulsion"
25 November 2018: Ateya Khorakiwala, "Architecture's Scaffolds"
5 February 2019: Ana María Durán Calisto, “For the Persistence of the Indigenous Commune in Amazonia”
11 February 2019: Anna Puigjaner, "Bringing the Kitchen Out of the House"