Imizamo Yethu. Photo: Johhny Miller

Essay series and workshop in collaboration with e-flux Architecture

Over the next year, OAT is presenting a series of essays on architecture and degrowth in partnership with the online arts journal e-flux Architecture. The series is titled “Overgrowth”, and the first batch of essays will be discussed in a Nordic workshop in November.

The series will take as its starting point the consensus that we live, think, and grow in unsustainable ways. The question is what to do about it, and how? How can architects of tomorrow play a meaningful civic role in the creation of new building types, urban morphologies, social habits, and cultural practices?

Welcoming disagreement and debate, the series will explore what a fundamentally different economy would mean for architecture. The series will include contributions from cross-disciplinary thinkers, artists and practitioners from the Nordic region and beyond and will comprise a variety of formats, including fiction, philosophical and economic provocations, realized projects, essays and more. The series also aims to push the discourse on how the Nordic region and its communities can both provide insight into and learn from a larger international context. The essays will be discussed in a Nordic workshop in collaboration with e-flux Architecture in November.

Visit e-flux Architecture here.

Foto: Johnny Miller.