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Juan Herreros – Estudio Herreros


Juan Herreros is an architect and educator, Chair Professor and Director of the Thesis Program at the Madrid School of Architecture, as well as a Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at GSAPP-Columbia University in New York. Throughout the years he has held numerous lectures, courses and international seminars as well as research workshops and published a significant number of books, texts and interviews in different formats.

Herreros’ office estudioHerreros is conceived as a collective platform through which he pursues his professional, pedagogical and research activity. His theoretical work is focused in the re-definition of the contemporary architectural practice and its dialogue with other disciplines. His professional work has been displayed in several individual and collective exhibitions, and are widely published and awarded. estudioHerreros is currently working on projects in Spain, Norway, France, Morocco, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia. Juan Herreros has received the International Fellowship of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) among other distinctions.

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