Student course at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design Autumn 2019

As in 2018, the OAT 2019 curators will again this autumn hold a student course at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

The studio course “Being Tectonic - The End of Type” will study neo classical histories of Oslo and Berlin in search of approaches to city making that are valid for the challenges of our time. Introduction:

“We all, I think, instinctively feel, and rationally assume, that buildings last for generations. We build them of concrete; liquid stone set around steel. It is hard to imagine a more irreversible concoction. Into these concrete cages we set our most treasured stories. Stories about work, education, health, wealth and family. But stories are liquid, they move much more rapidly than these fixed frames can bear. We have forgotten, in how we build, that what is given now was almost unthinkable a century ago.

In previous eras, the façade of a building, its public gestures and spaces, where the lasting elements. From palaces to factories, simple frames were adorned in rich material compositions, allowed to become recognisable and enduring characters by having the flexibility to change inside.

Now a drastic turnaround has taken place in the approach to our cities. The façades have become novel and sacrificial surfaces and the interiors tightly packed with fixed ideas. The results of this inversion are all around us. Demolition is a daily occurrence in the city, with the average lifespan of an urban building now in the order of 30 years. Every layer of our buildings is infected with contradictions of obsolescence and permanence.

This is the very definition of an unsustainable practice. Extraction of raw materials from the earth has tripled since the 70’s and is responsible for 50% of carbon emissions and 80% of biodiversity loss. Concrete has become the most consumed substance on the planet second only to water”. Read more.

This is the second «Being Tectonic» course held by the OAT curators at AHO. The first course was an elective course held in the autumn semester of 2018. The course resulted in a publication. Read about the course and download the publication here.

Photo: OAT