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Arendalsuka 2018 in pictures

The OAT Autumn program 2018 is all about testing ideas and formats related to next year’s Triennale theme, degrowth. This was the case for OAT and the art collective zURBS’ visit to Arendalsuka, the great annual public political gathering in Norway in mid-August.

To kick-start the 2018 Autumn program, OAT and the art collective zURBS invited participants to go on a performative audiowalk with a unique opportunity to experience how near urban futures based on ideas of degrowth, unlimited economic growth and authoritarian growth have materialized in the architecture and built environment of Arendal.

Equipped with headphones in which different futures play out on three different channels, participants were invited to choose the future of their choice and explore it through a playful engagement with the built environment and the people living in it. zURBS’ project invites and encourages participants to imagine urban planning and development not as they are, but as they possibly might be.

Have a glimpse:

Photo: Arendalsuka / Mona Hauglid