Oslo arkitekturtriennale og Kluge fortsetter samarbeidet

Oslo arkitekturtriennale og advokatfirmaet Kluge fortsetter samarbeidet og fornyer avtalen for ytterligere to år.

Oslo Architecture Triennale and the law firm KLUGE have renewed their partnership for another two years.

The partnership between Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) and KLUGE started before the last architecture festival in 2016. Now the cooperation agreement has been extended for another two years. As OAT’s main partner, Kluge is an important contributor and dialogue partner. In addition to legal advice, exchanges of ideas and discussions of architecture and urban development are central to the partnership.

OAT aims to challenge the field of architecture and inspire debate on architecture and urban deve­lop­ment. Martin Braathen, acting director of Oslo Architecture Triennale, is very happy to have KLUGE on the team up to next year‘s Triennale:

“KLUGE is a law firm that is not afraid to challenge and to be challenged, and takes its social responsibilities seriously. This makes KLUGE an inspiring partner for OAT“.

Bosse Langaas, Head of Strategy & Operations at Kluge, is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with OAT:

“Through our partnership with OAT, we want to make contact with the market for architecture, property development and urban development. We also contribute professionally to OAT as an organization. In addition to marketing and visibility, as well as being able to meet professionals, Kluge wishes to help promote debate beyond our own field of expertise. Acquiring new knowledge, chal­len­ging and learning are quite in keeping with our goals and values as a company“.

OAT 2019 will challenge the supremacy of economic growth as the basis of contemporary societies and investigate alternatives. The festival will explore the architecture of a new economy in which human and ecological flourishing matter most – the Architecture of Degrowth. Degrowth is the aim of a school of thought in socioeconomics and environmental policy which believes that unlimited economic growth is unsustainable, either ecologically or socially. OAT 2019 will investigate how degrowth thinking can be combined with architectural production and urban development. Will architects, planners, the construction industry and decision-makers be open to the exploration of alternative strategies for the building, planning and development of the societies of tomorrow?

About KLUGE:

KLUGE is a Norwegian full service independent law firm. We are the preferred adviser and discussion partner for many of the most important players in our selected markets, and we have a solid international network. We have chosen to focus on four core market sectors: energy/oil and gas, real estate/construction, public sector, and industry/finance. Kluge has high ethical standards, and our goal is to promote our social responsibility through our work.

Contact information:

Bosse Langaas, head of strategy & operations, Kluge, bosse.langaas@kluge.no, tlf.: +47 90 55 15 00.

Martin Braathen, acting director, Oslo Architecture Triennale, martin@oslotriennale.no, tlf.: +47 905 761 12.