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Sneak Peek at OAT’s Autumn Programme 2018

We are warming up for Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) 2019 with a pre-programme in the autumn that will explore the theme of OAT 2019, the Architecture of Degrowth.

OAT 2019 will challenge the supremacy of economic growth as the basis of contemporary societies and investigate alternatives. The festival will explore the architecture of a new economy in which human and ecological flourishing matter most – the Architecture of Degrowth.

The 2019 Chief Curatorial team consists of British architects Maria Smith and Matthew Dalziel of Interrobang, joined by British critic and think tank director Phineas Harper, and Norwegian urban researcher and artist Cecilie Sachs Olsen. The OAT 2019 curators have a shared interest in turning architectural discourse on its head, and they have headed nume­rous projects operating at the intersection of architecture, art, politics and performance.

OAT’s autumn programme 2018 will test ideas, research questions and formats related to next year’s Triennale theme, with a wide range of voices from inside and outside the field of architecture. Insights from the autumn programme will become part of the research base for the OAT 2019. The autumn programme takes place in a variety of formats, such as audio walks at the annual political gathering Arendalsuka, the study course “Being Tectonic” at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), a digital essay series and workshop in collaboration with the publishing platform e-flux Architecture, a pop-up OAT architecture book collection at the New York Book Fair, organized by Storefront for Art and Architecture, and a Fireside Chat at Oslo Association of Architects. Read more about the autumn’s various activities below.


OAT at The New York Architecture Book Fair | 19 June – 25 August

OAT was invited to curate a selection of architecture books for the pop-up Bookstore Network as part of the New York Architecture Book Fair. The New York Architecture Book Fair is a new initiative by Storefront for Art and Architecture that brings together authors, designers, publishers, critics and readers to consider what constitutes the most fundamental body of publications in architecture and design. The first edition of the New York Architecture Book Fair, opening on June 19-23 of 2018, takes the form of a Bookstore Network and pop-up architecture book collections in partnership with local bookstores and cultural organizations throughout the city. The OAT contribution was made in collaboration with Rotor (Curators OAT 2013), After Belonging Agency (curators OAT 2016), and the Chief Curators of OAT 2019. Read more.

Audio walks at Arendalsuka | 14–15 August

Arendalsuka is the great annual political gathering in Norway. The art collective zURBS (Nina Lund Westerdahl and Cecilie Sachs Olsen) invites participants to go on an audio tour with a unique opportunity to experience how near urban futures based on ideas of degrowth, unlimited economic growth and authoritarian growth have materialized in the architecture and built environment of Arendal. Equipped with headphones in which different futures play out on three different channels, participants are invited to choose the future of their choice and explore it through a playful engagement with the built environment and the people living in it. zURBS’ project invites and encourages participants to imagine urban planning and development not as they are, but as they possibly might be.

Student course at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design | Autumn 2018

The student course “Being Tectonic” is an elective research group that will join the curators of the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale to explore the role of architecture in re-establishing our relationships with one another through the physical and finite worlds we create and inhabit.

Tectonic culture as understood in architectural discourse is the art of establishing connections between building elements. Humans and objects alike have tectonic relationships with one another governed by the dynamics between them. Our sense of being and belonging with one another the companion to material tectonics governed by the ways we share the spaces we inhabit. The research will be documented in a publication that will form a part of the evidence base for the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale. Read more.

Essay series and workshop in collaboration with e-flux Architecture | Autumn 2018

Over the next year, OAT is presenting a series of essays on architecture and degrowth in partnership with the online arts journal e-flux Architecture. The series will take as its starting point the consensus that we live, think, and grow in unsustainable ways. The question is what to do about it, and how? How can architects of tomorrow play a meaningful civic role in the creation of new building types, urban morphologies, social habits, and cultural practices?

Welcoming disagreement and debate, the series will explore what a fundamentally different economy would mean for architecture. The series will include contributions from cross-disciplinary thinkers, artists and practitioners from the Nordic region and beyond and will comprise a variety of formats, including fiction, philosophical and economic provocations, realised projects, essays and more. The series also aims to push the discourse on how the Nordic region and its communities can both provide insight into and learn from a larger international context. The essays will be discussed in a Nordic workshop in collaboration with e-flux Architecture in November. Visit e-flux Architecture here.

Fireside Chat at the Oslo Association of Architects | Autumn 2018

The OAT 2019 Chief Curator team will join the Oslo Association of Architects (OAF) and its members for a conversation about the purpose, responsibility and potential of architectural exhibitions and their contribution to the practice and discourse of architecture. We will share wisdom, exchange thoughts and initiate a discussion on the relevance of cultural programming in architecture. The session will be hosted by OAF and held in an informal setting.

Photos: Storefront for Art and Architecture, the art collective zURBS, Thomas Johannessen, Creative Commons.