Watch the livestream of the New World Embassy: Rojava

The New World Embassy: Rojava is a temporary embassy that will be constructed in Oslo City Hall. Through cultural means it represents the ideals of “stateless democracy” as developed by the communities of the autonomous region of Rojava, northern Syria.

The New World Embassy: Rojava takes place in Oslo City Hall, main hall, on 26.–27. november, 13:00–19:00. Free entrance, limited number of seats. Registration available at: reservations@newworldsummit.org

Watch the livestream of the event here:

The Embassy will operate for two consecutive days, bringing representatives from Rojava together with international politicians, diplomats, academics, journalists, students, and artists. Through open deliberation and public discussion the New World Embassy: Rojava proposes a platform to build new transnational relationships and explore alternative models of people’s diplomacy. This includes an analysis of the history, ideals, and implementation of stateless democracy; of the successes of Rojava in building a new civic society in a war-torn region; and finally the alternative that Rojava proposes in order to confront the crises of democracy seen on a global scale.

The embassy will consist of a large-scale oval shaped architectural structure, designed as an “ideological planetarium.” The embassy is conceived and designed by the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava in collaboration with Studio Jonas Staal . The artist, Jonas Staal, and his studio have previously arranged similar events, in the form of the New World Summit – Berlin (2012), New World Summit – Brussels (2014) and New World Summit – Rojava (2015).

Why did you start this project?

– The autonomous government of Rojava and my studio have decided to work together because we believe in the importance of artistic imagination to create new models of politics. For many people, this relation between a political organization and an artistic organization like mine does not seem evident. But new models of politics also need new models of art. To change the world, we need to imagine this change. And the realm of the imagination is that of art. But without concrete political organization the artistic imagination is also powerless. In other words: we believe in the alliance between new models of politics and art to make the promise of a new world, and a new democracy, a reality.

What do you wish to achieve?

– The autonomous government of Rojava describes its political model as a ‘stateless democracy’, a democracy without the state. This model is based on local self-governance, communal economy and gender equality, which it has to defend continuously against attacks of the Islamic State. Its seems to us that in the current crisis of Europe as well as in the face of the devastating win of Trumpism in the United States, we need to explore solidarity and communicate such alternative models of democracy more than ever. For this reason, we designed together with the autonomous government a stateless embassy for a stateless democracy in the City Hall of Oslo. We hope this artistic project will be a place to gather politicians, diplomats and activists to imagine, discuss and realize new models of democracy and diplomacy.


Entrance: free

Please register by sending your name and details to: reservations@newworldsummit.org

Download the full program and list of participants here

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