New Nordic Scopes

The book New Nordic Scopes is based on the exhibition "Manmade Environment".

The book was initially intended to purely be an exhibition catalogue aimed at the sector of the public with more than an average interest in landscape architecture. However, this is a topic that concerns more than just the initiated few.

The authors decided to double the number of pages and put together a book for a wider public, building it around the four focal areas which the exhibition “Manmade Environment” is presenting as being of particular importance at the present time within the Nordic countries: our communal social areas, infrastructure, productive landscapes and landscape interventions that tackle ecological problems such as the hazard of avalanches and flooding.

In order to place the exhibition projects in a broader perspective, the book included articles and reference projects from all over the Nordic area. By presenting other disciplinary perspectives, political aspects, future scenarios and experiments, the book aim to give the reader an insight into some of the themes of landscape architecture and what it means from a social perspective. Several of the authors are among the most highly respected in their fields.

Editor: Julie Sjøwall Oftedal
Language: English

Download the book ‘New Nordic Scopes’ here