Fremtidsfabrikken: Ansvar, Medvirkning og Samskaping



2. oktober

09:30 – 12:30

DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo

Arrangør DOGA

Denne workshopen diskuterer hva slags urbane nettverk som kan legge til rette for utveksling mellom ulike samfunnslag, generasjoner, steder i byen (mer informasjon på norsk kommer):

This workshop will build on the previous two workshops to develop a particular focus on local democracy and the use of public space. Taking inspiration from the social connectivity of Grønland, it will explore networks of exchange in and between different communities, generations, places and species, exploring what kinds of city infrastructure allow for transformed social relations – and how designing in this way might foster long-term environmental sustainability.

The workshop will be conducted in both English and Norwegian.

Contact Chris McCormick,, for more information and to register. Limited seats.

The workshop is part of Factory of the Future, a project by the performing arts company METIS, led by artistic director Zoë Svendsen