Biblioteket: Bartertown: Board Games for a World After Money



28. september

12:30 – 14:30

Nasjonalmuseet – Arkitektur, Bankplassen 3, Oslo

Arrangører Future Architecture Platform og Oslo arkitekturtriennale


Foto: Janette Kim

Informasjon på norsk kommer!

Join us to play Bartertown, a board game that explores how networks of sociability and care can adapt to climate change as well as other disasters like a market crash or even a divorce. The game was created as a new kind of decision-making tool for a warming world, one that fosters new relationships between economies, design and the public.

In this workshop, participants are invited to play, either to work competitively or cooperatively, in a game-show style format. All are welcome to join. The game is appropriate for adults, teenagers, and everyone interested in cities, strategy, social justice and climate change.

The project is part of Future Architecture Platform.

Bartertown was created for the Bay Conservation and Development Commission by Janette Kim with Jen Tai and Clare Hacko. Janette Kim is assistant professor of architecture and director of Urban Works Agency at California College of the Arts, editor of ARPA Journal, and principal of All of the Above.

Read more about Bartertown here.

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