Fremtidsfabrikken: Biodiversitet som grunnlag for en ny økonomi



30. september

09:30 – 12:30

DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo

Arrangør DOGA

Denne workshopen utforsker ikke-vekstbaserte former for økonomisk velstand som et svar på oljeutvinningens slutt i en verden uten karbonbasert energi (mer informasjon på norsk kommer):

This workshop will explore ways in which cities could benefit from achieving an alternative economic prosperity – not one based on ‘growth’ alone – in response to ending the extraction of oil, in a post-carbon world. The workshop will focus on taking ecosystems thinking as the guiding principle for an economy of symbiosis. How might the urban environment facilitate non-financial forms of exchange? What might be the effects on urban planning of pricing in ‘externalities’ (i.e. the hidden costs of the damage caused in production and transportation)? How could small-scale market competition be facilitated locally, in place of large-scale monopoly capitalism – and how might homes and habitats for humans as well as other species be protected?

The workshop will be conducted in both English and Norwegian.

Contact Chris McCormick,, for more information and to register. Limited seats.

The workshop is part of Factory of the Future, a project by the performing arts company METIS, led by artistic director Zoë Svendsen: