Dealing with it



4. oktober

14:00 – 16:30

Bankplassen 4, Oslo (tidl. Museet for samtidskunst)

Arrangør Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo

Dwi Website Exhibition

Come and join an exciting presentation and exhibition of the work produced in the OAT AHO Dealing with it workshop. A cross-disciplinary group of architecture, landscape architecture and design students have come to together for a week from different schools and countries.

Dealing with it engaged with the Triennale curators’ central questioning of economic growth by assessing a spectrum of societal and professional attitudes towards the already existing built environment. In recent decades, Norway has experienced a period of explosive economic growth and urban development. The resulting construction boom has left many buildings empty or marked for demolition. Empty sites in Oslo acted as case studies for learning and experimentation. Workshop participants delved into the technical, cultural and legal parameters and value systems that determine the treatment of these leftover sites.

The aim is both to discover new methodologies and to rediscover approaches forgotten during the recent decades of rapid development. Can unbuilding be as crucial to design practice as building? Does the rushed development of the built environment presuppose a binary choice between keeping or letting go? Or are there other ways that we can imagine dealing with it?

Arrangementet kan bli fotografert/filmet for offentlig bruk.