Degrowing pains: The Architectural Review at the Oslo Architecture Triennale



27. september

09:30 – 10:45

DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo

Arrangør: Architectural Review

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‘By asserting the value of value as something non-liquid,’ Maria Smith and Phin Harper write in the keynote for this month’s AR Money issue, ‘architecture can avoid the trap of becoming general-purpose money, thereby enriching itself, its inhabitants and the planet’. As the climate emergency claxon sounds, exacerbated by our insatiable need for never-ending financial growth, the current framework of our economic system has no answers for a successful way forward. At this moment, the September issue of the AR looks at the topic of money in all its permutations, both glittering and dirty, and explores the idea of degrowth as it gains wider traction.

The reassessment of our traditional economic structures and the impact they have on our planet’s ecological health is a thread that runs throughout the Money issue and has frequently surfaced in the pages of the AR over the last year, in particular in February’s issue about failure and in April’s issue on oceans. Join us at DOGA on the opening weekend of the Oslo Architecture Triennale to untangle these threads with OAT curators Maria Smith and Phin Harper, architect Alexander Eriksson Furunes, and writer and AR contributor George Kafka.

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