Degrowth Roundtable Discussion - Mechanisms for Systemic Change



27. september

16:00 – 17:30

DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo

Arrangører: Rethinking Economics Norge, DOGA og Oslo arkitekturtriennale

Illustration By Yime

Illustrasjon: Yime

Informasjon på norsk kommer.

According to Donella Meadows there are 3 ways we can respond to the plunder of our planet,

  1. Distraction, denial, and disguise from the problem.
  2. Tweaks and techno-economic refinements, without touching underlying causes.
  3. Structural change to the system.

Rethinking Economics Norge, together with Oslo Architecture Triennale and Design and Architecture Norway is facilitating a ‘Round-table’ discussion on the structural changes and system interventions that we need to implement to achieve social provisioning within the planetary boundaries. The round-table will take perspectives from 3 panelists who are capable to comment from Ecological Economics, Degrowth Activism, Institutional Theory, Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Urbanism and Planning perspectives.

This discussion seeks to explore what system changes we need to scale up many of the great but still niche ideas and initiatives for social provisioning within the planetary boundaries? What was changed to achieve a post extractive, post consumerist, society and economy for Norway? How did we handle issues such as the housing crisis? How did we transform from individualistic motivations and thinking towards collaborative motivations and thinking? How might things be at the city scale, how will urbanism and planning in Oslo look different?

The discussions will occur within the framing that Degrowth is already reality, that we have made the changes, and that the Degrowth Scenarios were intentionally chosen paths, not forced upon us. Paths that turned our society away from consumerism, where GDP growth has been replaced by new indicators of success.

Tone Smith (Ecological Economist, Degrowth Activist, Vienna); Ellen Stenslie (PhD Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Institutional Economics, NMBU); Marius Grønning (Prof. Urban Planning, NMBU); Zoe Svendsen (METIS Arts / Oslo Architecture Triennale, co-facilitator); Abel Crawford (Rethinking Economics Norge, co-facilitator).


  • Introduction from Abel Crawford, Rethinking Economics Norge
  • Introduction and framing from Zoe Svendsen, METIS Arts, Oslo Architecture Trienalle
  • Opening introductions from the panelists
  • Moderated discussion from the co-facilitators.
  • Audience Q and A

The event may be photographed/filmed for public use.