Fremtidsfabrikken: Hva er jeg hvis jeg ikke er en forbruker?



1. oktober

09:30 – 12:30

DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16, Oslo

Arrangør DOGA

Denne workshopen undersøker hvordan en radikal nedgang i produksjonen og forbruket av varer vil påvirke det norske storsamfunnet (mer informasjon på norsk kommer):

This workshop will explore how the city – and individual lives – might respond to the requirement for a radical reduction in the production and consumption of material goods, drawing on the psychological framework of ‘human givens’. How could Norwegian society as a whole be transformed in response? How might artificial intelligence and other technologies enable goods and services for social good? What might be the effect of moving away from ownership models of innovation? What kinds of building infrastructure would enable other kinds of identities to be more visible and more valued?

The workshop will be conducted in both English and Norwegian.

Contact Chris McCormick,, for more information and to register. Limited seats.

The workshop is part of Factory of the Future, a project by the performing arts company METIS, led by artistic director Zoë Svendsen: