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27. september

17:00 – 19:00

Nasjonalmuseet – Arkitektur, Bankplassen 3, Oslo

Arrangørerer Nasjonalmuseet og Oslo arkitekturtriennale

What Is Degrowth Made Of No Logo

Degrowth, eller nedvekst på norsk, handler ikke nødvendigvis om å bygge mindre, men om å bygge på andre måter. Hvordan skal vi bygge og hva skal vi bygge med dersom målet ikke er økt forbruk og mer vekst?

What is Degrowth Made of?
Architects have moralised a great deal about materials. Much-coveted claims around material "truth" have achieved an almost religious reverence. Materials and their signal values send deep messages about the ethics of the architects who specify them. Yet can it really be honest to build in exposed structural concrete given what is known about the immense carbon emissions of cement? Can it be ethical to make walls ridden with oil-based components with short use lives? or to import steel from across the world? Wouldn't a truly truthful architectural strategy be more concerned with the sourcing and science of materials than aesthetic quibbles about how they are expressed in form? We hear a lot too of so-called smart materials — membranes which contort to a given shape with an electrical current, bendable LCD screens, Vantablack pigment, atom-thin graphene and so on. These are not smart materials, they are absurd fads. Nonsensical distractions from the pressing problems at hand.

In a degrowth economy, new material choices will be driven by new values systems. What materials, in a culture which no longer rewards consumerist novelties nor facilitates artificially cheap imports, will we research, value and build with? This symposium brings together the leading architectural practitioners of a new vanguard of material science — including those for whom new materials are the oldest of all.

Alejandro del Castillo, n'UNDO, Spain
BC Architects & Studies & Materials, Belgium
Kate Yeh Chiu, yyyy-mm-dd, Canada
Seetal Solanki, MA-TT-ER, UK
Anna Webster, Interrobang, UK


Matthew Dalziel, architect and curator for OAT 2019

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