Goldsmiths CCA 1:1 Facade Prototype at Assemble's Sugarhouse Studios. Image courtesy of Assemble.

OAT 2019 Åpen utlysning: Spørsmål og svar

Her er alle spørsmål og svar til den åpne utlysningen for bidrag til OAT 2019. Fristen for å sende inn spørsmål var mandag 5. november. Fristen for å svare på utlysningen var mandag 19. november kl. 13.00.

Q1: The time frame of the Open Call is not very long. What is the level of detail in the proposals that you are you looking for at this stage?
We would like to emphasize that we are looking for high level concepts at this stage, not necessarily fully developed concepts. We would be delighted to receive information about more concrete or pre-existing projects, as well as early stage ideas too.

Q2: Could you clarify if there will be a budget or honorarium for selected projects?
There is a basic funding by a core budget, and there will be a basic honorarium. The sizes of budgets for each project will be clarified during the development process. For further information, see the section "Funding and Sponsorship" on the Open Call document (PDF).

Q3: Could you please let me know if the contribution can be merely academic (scientific) or if it needs to include a more tangible element, to be displayed at the OAT?
Yes, a contribution can be purely academic. The library format has the potential to display many different media, so we would be delighted to hear about your research. There are also possibilities to pair academic researchers with architects / designers to collaborate on a contribution.

Q4: I had problems deciphering the mentioned four sub-themes. Could you please send them to me?
The four sub themes are: 1. Lose yourself, 2. We made you 3. Run this town 4. Hold it, now hit it. These four are listed and described in the call after the introduction of the four sub themes. We have edited the Open Call document (PDF) to make this clearer.

Q5: I have some projects that I would like to submit to the Open Call. How can I do this?
Thank you for your interest in OAT 2019. Please submit your projects through the online form.

Q6. We have a few questions regarding the location and type of work that you envision for the Triennale:

Location: The brief explains that the Triennale will take place at Oslo's National Museum of Architecture.
– Would all the work be exhibited indoors?
– Is any exterior area designated for installations or small size pavilions?
– Is any digital information available about the interior rooms/exterior areas of the Museum that can be used to elaborate the proposal?

Work of the contributors:
– Considering the work is located inside, for the object to have an architectural scale, even if compact, what would you say could be the size limits? Is it room, size wise, for any three dimensional installations where people can get in and interact with the work?
– The brief mentioned that is possible to propose inhabitable spaces, could that be as a stand-alone piece? or could that be the transformation of one of the rooms?
– Lendable object includes deployable architecture for community sharing, will that sharing happen inside the museum or could someone borrow it and use it in the middle of the city of Oslo?

For larger installations, an exterior space may be more suitable, and we may hopefully be able to secure this. In terms of larger installations indoors, there are other areas of the building that could be available, so if the proposal is a good fit, we will do what we can to make it work! We would be delighted to receive proposals for contributions large and small, but of course there will only be space for a few larger items. We would love to have items that could be borrowed and used outside the Museum or in the middle of the city.

Q7. What is the budget provided by the Triennale per intervention? Is there a limited dimension per intervention?
See answer to question 2 above.

Q8. Just a heads up that the last sentence under subtheme «LOSE YOURSELF» was cropped - «What spaces and buildings can architects design that foster social bonding among people of varying…»
Thank you, the Open Call document (PDF) has been replaced now and contains the full sentence.

Q9. We have a few questions we would like to ask:

– Could you please elaborate a bit more on what the library format is? This might affect the way we present our submission.
– We are considering to organize a workshop or participatory session to complement our contribution to the library and gather data for further work. Is this possible within the Triennale?
– If being selected, what are the time requirements? We interpret we would collaborate with the Curators between the 3rd of December 2018 and August 2019 in order to develop our proposal as part of the library. During the Triennale opening time (26th September to 24th November), are the participants required or expected to be present to take part in presentations, discussion, etc.?

We are envisaging the library as being able to accommodate many different formats, and the precise design will be informed by the nature of the contributions. Subject to agreeing practicalities, it is absolutely possible to create work through workshops and other discussion formats, and we would be delighted to discuss this with you in more detail following your submission. We are currently envisioning the design development to take place between January and March 2019 and the production from April. Your potential presence at the Triennale itself will be discussed with the curators during the concept development period in early 2019.

Q10. Is it an architecture competition? Is it a contest to present a video about architecture? You could specify me because the truth is not clear on the bases. You could send me the bases the brief and if there is some kind of economic compensation.
The exhibition is not an architecture competition. You are welcome to submit a video that relates to the idea of the architecture of Degrowth as a contribution to the library. Regarding budget, please see answer to question 2 above.

Q11. Part of our proposal includes a printed publication. In addition to its content we think that the book itself, as a physical object, is relevant in relation to the theme of Degrowth. It would be possible to send you a physical copy of it complementing the online submission?
We would love to see the book, please submit it digitally as a PDF and then also include some photographs or a video of the physical book if that is relevant.

Q12. Can one contributor be part of more than one project?
Yes, one contributor can be part of more than one project.

Q13. If selected, is it 10-weeks in Oslo? What would be the time commitment and for how many if selected? Could one or two contributors represent the full team? Is the multi-media surprise to be a high-level schematic concept OR a completely developed concept?
The time commitment in Oslo during the Triennale will depend on the nature of your proposal, and yes, one or two contributors could represent the team. The multimedia surprise can absolutely be a high-level schematic concept and need not be a fully developed proposal.

Q14. Is there an estimated budget for each proposal? If so, how much? 2. When are proposed projects imagined to take place? Can it be outside of the exhibition period? Spring? Summer? Or mainly autumn?
Regarding budget see answer for question 2 above. The projects will be exhibited during the Triennale period.

Q15: First; take ninety percent of your gobbledegook away; then read: lets have economic growth without economic growth. Um.... how’s that again? Let us do the impossible? I’ve invented ecovillages that are completely self sufficient mini spaceships and suit how the Planet will operate in the future; they would answer your question but they are based on profit; the anthesis of your partie; but being for profit means they are self financing; NO public funds needed or wanted; they offer free rent for all based upon a design that the business half pays double to be near all those people with excess money to burn — exact opposite of your gobbledegook. Alas; I would be barred from participating; here is what you missed: [attachments]
Your project sounds interesting! In our minds, Degrowth is not about rejecting financial systems in their entirety, only those predicated on unending growth and social and environmental exploitation. We hope that you will submit your project for the call so that we can discuss this in more detail.

Goldsmiths CCA 1:1 Prototype av fasade i Assembles Sugarhouse Studios. Foto: Assemble.