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Is the salary an annual salary?

The salary is for work in 2015 and 2016.

Would there be an allowance for additional expenses in conjunction with the salary?

Accommodation expenses will be covered by OAT. Travel expenses are included in the salary due to administrational efficiency.

Does OAT have a staff to support a Curator's activities, or must he or she bring that support staff along?

The Curator is responsible for the staff needed to secure the research and artistic work prior to and during the OAT 2016.

The secretariat is responsible for project management, administration and communication and will have a staff of 2.5 full-time equivalent in 2018 (Director, Communication Manager, and Program Manager) and 3-4 in 2019 (Director, Program Manager, Program Assistant, Communication Manager and Communication Assistant)

Can one attach separate documents to the application in addition to the pdf with the proposal?

No separate documents will be accepted as part of the application. As stated in the submission requirements the application shall be submitted in a single PDF file of maximum 8MB.

Is there a place or a person one might be able to ask to get a better sense of the sentiment in Oslo?

To be able to uphold a fair situation for all applicants we cannot answer this question.

In the documentation available online, it reads quite clearly about the salary offered, but little information is given about the budget per each activity (main exhibition, project in public space, conference, international forum etc.). Can you provide some detail on this?

As OAT is continually working with funding the institution and its projects no exact numbers can be presented. Main funding for OAT in 2018 and 2019 will be secured in the beginning of each year.Member institutions and program partner contribute with project funding for the core and extended program. As example, in 2016 the main exhibition at the National museum – Architecture had a budget of approx. EUR 120 000, the conference was funded through ticket sales and the publication was funded through sales and a budget of approx. EUR 50 000. The project in public space was funded through external funds with a budget of approx. EUR 105 000.

All numbers are subject to funding.

The Curator is expected to support the funding work through communication of the concept, through taking part in a limited number of important meetings and events, and by providing OAT with a relevant network.

Can the curatorial proposal include images or only text?

The curatorial proposal can include both text and images.

The Call states “Incorporating at least one exhibition, one project in a public space, a publication, a conference, an international academic forum and a digital publication series”. Does the mean that the submission should include specific topics and architectural design proposals for the different formats?

This is up to the applicant. The curatorial proposal should include descriptions of the core program as a whole including, but not restricted to the above-mentioned formats.

What should the progress plan include? Should it specify potential collaborators for the research topics or should it be an overall schedule for the investigation of research topics?

The progress plan should present a proposal for how the research work and production of the OAT core programme will be organized over time. It should include the work in both 2018 and 2019.

The main venues for OAT 2019 is Arkitektenes hus, Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), the National Museum – Architecture, and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, should the proposal include the specific spatial layout of these particular sites listed above?

This is up to the applicant. It is possible to present spatial ideas but all details of the final projects that will be presented at these venues will be developed in close collaboration with each of the institutions.

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